Tears of Healing Rain


Tears of Healing Rain

c 1998 Mark Simos/Devachan Music (BMI) All rights reserved.


I will lay this burden down

That I have carried for so long

My own hand placed this mark upon my brow

Don’t need to wear it now

I will water this thirsty heart

With tears of healing rain

I’ll lean to lay this burden down

And never shoulder it again

Never again

I walk a tightrope

Stretched between my hope and darkest fear

And though I look to find

Too often I’ve been blind

When love drew near

I try to hold life lightly

Yet I step with a heavy tread

On this road I thought I’d chosen

Down which I was led


I seek a wisdom

Some day I’ll learn from the trees that grace this land

From the wind that sighs

From the scattered leaves that fly I’ll understand

How they give themselves so gently

To the breeze that guides them on

To the hollows where they crumble

Back to earth and are gone


I dream of doorways

Awake as new light plays

Across your sleeping face

As we lie here warm

Something distant yet enormous

Longs to be

Outside our window

Branches bow their heads with snow

From last night’s storm

Like they’re saying grace …

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