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Learning Concentration Practices

Metta Meditation/Loving Kindness Practice                       Becoming Safely Embodied:  A Concentration Practice There are classical phrases used in the practice, yet it’s important for you to find the right words and phrases that work for you.  If these classical phrases don’t work, adapt them.  Find something that you know resonates with you, maybe qualities of being that […]

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Practical Meditation Tips

  Practical Meditation Tips for Trauma Survivors Slow down. Don’t try to sit longer than you can. If 1 minute is where you start, enjoy and savor that one minute. You’ll be able to build up from there. If you try to push through and sit longer than you are ready for, you may find […]

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How To Meditate

  How To Meditate When You Have a Trauma History When you have a trauma history, life gets a little trickier. This is absolutely true if you want to figure out how to meditate. Doesn’t mean it’s not possible. In fact, learning to meditate will be incredibly helpful — it just might mean learning new […]

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