Overview of Meditation-PTSD

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Benefits of Meditation, a Few Cautions The benefits of meditation are there for you to enjoy and will enhance your healing enormously. When there’s so much internal noise going on it can be difficult to think about going inside.

How To Meditate If you have a trauma and PTSD history and/or a dissociative disorder and want to know how to meditate and learn meditation tips this site is for you.

Stages of Healing Trauma There are classic stages of healing trauma and PTSD. Meditation helps every step of the way.

Concentration Meditation Concentration meditation will allow you to be able to focus your mind and direct your attention away from the turmoil that trauma and PTSD bring. Instead, learn to keep your mind steady and focused.

Loving Kindness Meditation Loving kindness meditation is a beautiful antidote to the negative messages trauma survivors live with.

Mindfulness Meditation Mindfulness meditation helps you notice without getting lost in it or overwhelmed by it

Mindfulness Practice Suggestions Mindfulness practice suggestions

Treatment for PTSD There are a variety of treatment for PTSD and chronic PTSD including somatic therapies

PTSD Symptoms PTSD symptoms, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, physical impulses of fight or flight, dissociative disorders are all part of the legacy of post traumatic stress disorder.

Safe Place I often have the privilege of meeting with people who fear there is no safe place inside themselves. Meditation can provide that safe place, with practice, motivation, and skillfulness.

Anxiety Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks

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Deirdre Fay Deirdre Fay has meditated since the late 70’s. Her own trauma history emerged from a deep slumber. Description of the role meditation played.

Contact Deirdre Fay Contact Deirdre Fay with questions, comments, thoughts, inspirations about your journey.

Meditation Meditation can be defined as a vast multi-prismed path to being present. There’s room for all of us!

Becoming Safely Embodied Ezine Becoming Safely Embodied Ezine is a monthly newsletter committed to inspiration and support for those with ptsd.

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Compassion Compassion meditation is the foundation for healing PTSD and dissociation

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