Even With The Complications of PTSD Meditation Can Help


Developing meditation skills will give you the life you want to live,

freeing you from a life your history propels you into

Meditation is one of the oldest, most reliable ways to bring forth calm and ease, helping to shift the overwhelming thoughts, feelings, somatic imprints left behind by trauma.

Unfortunately, finding inner quiet can be complicated for someone with a difficult history. The healing journey is one of small steps, learning about slowing down, parsing out the various internal streams of thoughts, feelings, and body sensations, training and orienting your mind, softening your heart.

As you do that your body will calm, ease, and relax. You will find moments of peace and joy. Rather than being buffeted by internal tsunamis you’ll remember that life can be easier, that hope can happen and that you don’t have to squash your dreams.

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Weaving together the skills from meditation and good trauma treatment will allow you to live the life you want. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, worried, stressed, terrified, you’ll find:

  • You won’t get caught as easily by the distressing aspects of your past
  • You’ll feel more in control
  • You’ll learn a map that guides you through the various stages of healing

The intention of this site
is to help people skillfully bring together meditation and contemplative practices with the best of trauma treatment. This website is a culmination of the work I’ve done over the past 20 years with people with complicated histories who were also using spiritual practices to support their healing. For more information about Deirdre Fay click here.

Different things work at different times for different people.

My attempt is to provide a non-denominational and non-affiliated look at what is works from the many meditation and contemplative traditions. The Tibetan word for meditation translates as “become familiar with”
What will help you the most is to learn about the many paths that are out there and notice what you resonate with inside. That resonance will be your internal guide and compass. Instead of giving you my answer about what will work best for you my intention is to help you listen to yourself and invite you to find your own inner wisdom.

People who have worked with me over the years will hear me say over and over again, There’s no right way. There’s no way to do it wrong. Trust yourself.

In order to deeply trust yourself, though, you need to be able to discern the internal voices of your true wisdom from those many other voices inside.

Those voices, or parts, were orginally designed to protect you. There may be times when they are helpful – and also times when the protection limits your life. When we’re terrified of being overwhelmed and blown apart it’s hard to trust the voices of openness and ease. Usually then what feels most important is to protect!

We can learn over time to move with ease through the various phases of our journey, arriving at more and more experiences of wholeness.

There’s a classic series of stages that most trauma survivors move through. For more information see Stages of Healing Trauma

Here’s a brief overview of the site

Benefits of Meditation, a Few Cautions 
The benefits of meditation are there for you to enjoy and will enhance your healing enormously. When there’s so much internal noise going on it can be difficult to think about going inside.

How To Meditate
If you have a trauma and PTSD history and/or a dissociative disorder and want to know how to meditate and learn meditation tips this site is for you.

Stages of Healing Trauma
There are classic stages of healing trauma and PTSD. Meditation helps every step of the way.

Concentration Meditation
Concentration meditation will allow you to be able to focus your mind and direct your attention away from the turmoil that trauma and PTSD bring. Instead, learn to keep your mind steady and focused.

Loving Kindness Meditation
Loving kindness meditation is a beautiful antidote to the negative messages trauma survivors live with.

Mindfulness Meditation
Mindfulness meditation helps you notice without getting lost in it or overwhelmed by it

Mindfulness Practice Suggestions
Mindfulness practice suggestions

Treatment for PTSD
There are a variety of treatment for PTSD and chronic PTSD including somatic therapies

PTSD Symptoms
PTSD symptoms, panic attacks, anxiety attacks, physical impulses of fight or flight, dissociative disorders are all part of the legacy of post traumatic stress disorder.

Safe Place
I often have the privilege of meeting with people who fear there is no safe place inside themselves. Meditation can provide that safe place, with practice, motivation, and skillfulness.

Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks

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Deirdre Fay
Deirdre Fay has meditated since the late 70’s. Her own trauma history emerged from a deep slumber. Description of the role meditation played.

Contact Deirdre Fay
Contact Deirdre Fay with questions, comments, thoughts, inspirations about your journey.

Meditation can be defined as a vast multi-prismed path to being present. There’s room for all of us!

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Compassion meditation is the foundation for healing PTSD and dissociation




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