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Becoming Safely Embodied Ezine is a monthly newsletter committed to inspiration and support for those with ptsd.

hese are very powerful skills everyone should learn.  I found them TRANSFORMATIONAL at the root of my being.  You want to re-wire your brain?   then learn these skills.

~ person who took Becoming Safely Embodied Skills Group in Chicago with Andrea Gunderson

As insurance companies pay less for therapy and therapy costs keep climbing its felt imperative for me to figure out non-traditional ways to support people.   It’s heart breaking to see people not living the lives they want – when all the tools necessary to do so are there.

I truly believe we can live in a world that feels safe, loving, caring.  I have seen the generosity of small and big actions that arise from the goodness of people’s hearts.  In the midst of a sometimes crazy world I am committed to finding ways to bring more love and goodness for the healing of all.

Here are some unedited things people have said about the Becoming Safely Embodied skills:

Learning the skills was a great thing!  I was totally reluctant, afraid and skeptical about this group.   But I found that my fear was hit right on the mark because the skills directed me to work with fear and other stressful emotions in remarkable and revolutionary ways.

 The skill that had the largest impact on me was identifying thoughts/feelings/sensations.  Before [I learned the BES Skills]  I had no idea what was going on in my body.  Now having the language ….  is amazing!

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