Since this website it about supporting people in their healing from trauma and ptsd using meditation and reflection I welcome hearing from you. I’d love to hear about your unique journey. People have written me about a variety of their experiences and I’ve been moved by all of it. Some examples are:

  • Your meditation experience. What kinds of meditation? How often? What helped? What got in the way?
  • What guided you through the process? How did you support yourself?
  • Wheere did you find the support, guidance, advice, help that you needed along the way?
  • As you reflect on your journey what kind words would you offer others?
  • Where did you find solace? What did you do during the dark times? Did you find others to talk to?
  • How did you manage the interconnection of spirituality and psychotherapy? Were you in therapy? Were you able to maintain a spiritual practice through your process? What kinds of spiritual practice helped and didn’t work? Did your practice change at various times? What kinds of therapy helped, or didn’t help?

Interested in contributing?

Your unique point of view may be of incredible help to others, you may want to submit an article to be included here.

If you’d like to create a link exchange, let me know.

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