Compassion Meditation

With trauma comes suffering.

I don’t think there’s any way around that. I’ve seen people (myself included) try to avoid suffering, try to sidestep it. It doesn’t seem to work. Until the trauma heals, the suffering always seems to be there under the surface.

Luckily for us, there’s an answer. Compassion meditation provides a foundation for healing PTSD and dissociation.

When the past gets entangled in the present moment (in other words when we get triggered) feelings of all kinds consume us.

Sometimes we’re lucky and those past feelings are good memories. Yet when we’re in the throes of healing we’re not usually so lucky. At those times we’re usually consumed with negative feelings that are horrible. It seems as if we’re powerless to change thingss. We feel stuck.

In a cycle like this we beat ourselves up, upset that this is what’s going on. We long for everything to be different — but don’t know how to “make” life change.

One of the cornerstones of healing is cultivating compassion. This entails opening our hearts to the places where we suffer instead of finding ways to run away from it, distance ourselves from it, or try really hard transcend it.

This sounds simple and easy to apply. Sort of like, “just add water then stir.” I’m sure you know from experience that it’s not that easy when life is hard and you’re in pain.

FREE Audio Recording

In November, 2009 I had a complimentary teleseminar to explore the nature of compassion and how you can cultivate it. The call is now available to you – FREE – as a recording.


In the call we take a look at what compassion is, how it differs from loving-kindness, and I’ll talk about four life practices that can antidote the suffering.

In doing these practices you’ll find yourself with greater quiet, strength, and patience. You’ll find yourself less reactive and able to generate equanimity in times of stress.

Come join me in exploring what compassion is and how you can cultivate its generous presence in your life.

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