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PTSD Symptoms

  PTSD symptoms include panic attacks, anxiety attacks, physical impulses to fight or flight and dissociative disorders Disruption of any kind is hard. PTSD symptoms can be very disruptive, bringing on overwhelming terror, the tsunami of a panic attack, rage that comes up and takes over within a split second. At those times, it can […]

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Dissociation Continuum

  All of us have the useful talent of dissociating. For many of us dissociation is a helpful tool to give us a break. There are times we need to tune out the interruptions. We can focus on one thing and tune out the noise in the environment. That’s handy for those of us who […]

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Anxiety Attacks and Panic Attacks

Panic attacks are horrible experiences. You can feel like you’re going crazy, “losing it,” feel nauseous, out of control, faint, dizzy, light headed, have tunnel vision, hyperventilate, have hot or cold flashes, your breathing can intensify to the point where you feel you’re having a heart attack or that you’re doing. These kinds of panic […]

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