Catching The Right Thought Train: Anushka Fernandopulle

Good psychotherapy and good meditation have something in common.  We learn to observe our inner world instead of being caught by what arises.

I recently read a post by  in the Huffington Post which gave a new metaphor to watching our thoughts.  He writes about learning to catch the train you want to ride instead of being caught by whatever train goes by.  It’s definitely worth reading.

Here’s a bit to get you interested:

Similarly, as we develop our practice we can learn to get on the thought trains that are helpful and skip the ones that are not. And just like in a train station, if nobody is boarding the trains that go to a destination, they will stop running them so often, and eventually stop running them at all. This is known as the path of purification, and it is completely possible for a 21st century person to attain, if you are interested in learning.

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