Benefits of Meditation Mindfulness

Benefits of meditation for mindfulness practice and the possible cautions for the practice for those with PTSD symptoms.

Lately the benefits of meditation have created a buzz especially in terms of mindfulness practice. The psychtherapeutic community has endorsed it’s application, taken it on and run with it. There’s no doubt about it’s incredible usefulness, but as with anything to do with ptsd symptoms, it can also have a few cautions.

Benefits of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Develop the ability to watch, observe, and note without getting caught up in what
    you are observing
  • Increase your ability to sort out what you are seeing and name them
  • Slow down your internal process
  • Support dis-identifying from it — not dissociating, but separating from it
  • Befriend the symptoms instead of running away from them or feeling overwhelmed by them

Possible Complication of Mindfulness Meditation

  • Mindfulness is known as an uncovering technique. It’s intention is to help us notice
    what’s there, then see the next thing that’s there, then see the next thing, the next thing,
    and the next thing.
  • It’s very helpful in deepening into what’s happening and see what all is there.
  • The possible complication for trauma survivors is that too much might come up too quickly.
  • It can move us into deeper states before we are ready to go there. For people with a history of trauma that can mean catapulting into regressive states.

Now, that’s not a reason not to practice! It is a strong reason, though, to notice your own experience and respond as skillfully as you can.

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